Tuscan villas for rent near Florence -Villa La Bambagina exclusive holiday Tuscan villas for rent near Florence with pool

Villa La Bambagina is located in Castelfiorentino, in Via Orazio Bacci 55 C (Florence). The particular geographical area where La Villa is located allows easy visits to the main Tuscan towns in the eastern area.

In the vicinity of the Villa, in addition to the famous cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena, you can find:


Certaldo is a small Italian town of about 16,000 inhabitants, famous for being the birthplace of the famous Italian poet Giovanni Boccaccio. The main artistic and architectural feature, which made it known and famous in Europe, is the perfect conservation of the medieval urban fabric.

Its narrow streets, the small squares scattered throughout the territory, the architectural details that have remained unchanged over the centuries, Certaldo has remained aesthetically identical to how it developed in the Middle Ages

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a medieval village of high historical interest, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city, of Etruscan origin, is above all famous for the medieval towers that still stand out on its architectural landscape, this particular feature earned it the nickname of Manhattan in the Middle Ages.

In its heyday the city boasted 72 towers among which the Torre del Podestà, the highest, 54 meters high. Today the city can still boast the presence of 14 towers, extremely interesting and attractive places of extreme cultural interest.


Volterra is a small Tuscan town of about ten thousand inhabitants, it was the seat in the Middle Ages of an important episcopal lordship and still today preserves an important historical center of Etruscan origin and a splendid Acropolis where the foundations of two ancient temples are present.

Of note in the neighboring area is Il Teatro del Silenzio, a natural amphitheater created in the splendid setting of the hills of Lajatico (PI), a real landscape jewel of the Volterra hinterland, a place of historical and cultural interest which has become even more famous thanks to the interest directed by its current honorary president: Andrea Bocelli.


Small Tuscan village located on the slopes of Montalbano, a hilly massif rich in vineyards and olive groves, it is characterized by a particular unusual and very beautiful almond-shaped plant.

The city is renowned throughout the world because it gave birth to one of the most illustrious minds in the world, the famous Leonardo da Vinci. The famous origins give life to various attractions dedicated to him, such as the Leonardian Library and the Leonardo Museum of Vinci, one of the most important and popular museums in Tuscany.

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Tuscan villas for rent near Florence

The Villa can be booked with four different price ranges based on the reference seasons

Low season
From 01 April to 15 May and from 26 September to 30 October
From May 16th to June 19th and from September 5th to September 25th
High season
From 20 June to 24 July and from 28 August to 04 September
Really high season
From 25th July
to 27th August
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